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Pura Vida! Costa Rica 9-Day Luxury Adventure Itinerary

I recently had the great pleasure of paying a visit to the beautiful country of Costa Rica. I am so excited to post about my adventure. For now, however, I am going to start with a bit of a tease and just post the itinerary that the travel agency, Costa Rica Experts, put together for us.

There is so much to talk about with this trip that I may break it down into a few different post. Until then, you will find the itinerary put together for my husband and I below: Similar itineraries can be found on the Costa Rica experts website There is definitely something for everyone.

P.S. All of the photos shown in the bubbles and headers below, are photos that either my husband or myself took ourselves. Neither one of us are great photographers. That said, there is so much beauty in Costa Rica that it was hard to take a bad photo. It's definitely a place to put on the bucket list.

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